PSR News

Dear IC Parishioners,
Our PSR Program is in danger of needing to close because of extremely low enrollment. In an effort to see if there may be enough families in need of religious education for their children we are running a pre-registration drive to find out how many families plan to enroll their children in our program next year.
Please pass on the enrollment form to anyone you know who has children in need of our program.
We must have responses by Monday, March 9th.
If you have children, but will not be enrolling, please respond to the survey to give us feedback we need to make decisions about the future of the program. you can reply to this email to with any feedback you have without having to submit the form.
Thank you very much for you time and attention to this matter.
Karen Lightfoot
PSR Coordinator


The IC Parish School of Religion (PSR) provides formal religious instruction for students (K-8) who attend public schools.  Classes meet on Sunday mornings from 9:45am-11:30am during the school year. 

Registration can be completed online by completing the below Registration Form and emailing it to

PSR Registration Form 2019-2020

Parent_Child Contract 2019-20

PSR Handbook 2019-20

PSR Calendar 2019-20

2019-20 PSR Staff
K4/K:     Timothy and Becky Yohe
1:           Anna Davis
2:           Lynn Gustafson
3:           Jessica Pollmann
4:           Tom and Ann Hannan
5:           Bridget Carroll
6:           Brian Chadwick
7-8:        Karen Lightfoot

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