Some Thoughts on Sermons

A little boy returned from his first experience in church and was asked how it went.  He said, “The music and singing were nice, but the commercial was too long.”


The sermon had been going on endlessly.  Finally the priest’s voice cracked and he said, “What more can I say?”  One parishioner yelled, “How about ‘Amen’!”


There once was an Irish priest who once said of himself in his overly long homily, “I’m just a wee, poor, humble priest.”  The congregation roared back, “We know!  We’ve heard you preach.”


Mrs. Flynn was snoring away as the priest started into his last lap of his sermon. The priest, starting to get annoyed at the distraction, directed an altar server to go and, “Wake her up.”  The server replied, “Why don’t you? You put her to sleep!”